We will spend 30 minutes capturing your love for one another in a location of your choice or you can choose from some of my all time favorites. Want to make your session more personal to your relationship? Not a problem! Coffee lovers? Let's meet at a local coffee shop and document sweet conversations about your future over a cup of Joe. Hikers? Let's take a stroll through the trails of Mt. McSauba and capture the stunning views of Lake Michigan. Whatever your niche, count me in.



Let's hangout for 60 minutes strolling through downtown Charlevoix, Michigan beach, a flower field, catch the sunset at Mt. McSauba or a location of your choice to document your senior year of high school before taking the next step into your future.



I'd be honored to document your family in a 30 minute session showcasing kids, being kids and parents soaking up every second of it. Because let's face it, one day you blink and your babies are 18 and graduating or 23 and married with their own babies on the way.